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Agglomerated Cork Stoppers

Agglomerated Cork
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Agglomerated cork stoppers are entirely made of granulated cork, derived from by-products that are a result of the manufacture of natural cork closures. Agglomerated cork stoppers can be manufactured by individual moulding or by extrusion. In both methods, approved food contact glues are used to bind the cork granules together.

Agglomerated corks are an economical solution in assuring good sealing for a period that should not, in general, exceed 12 months. Besides the economical advantage they represent, for low-priced wines with a high rotation, these corks are completely batch homogeneous. As this product is the result of a highly industrialized process, the only category variation of agglomerated cork closures is in the chosen cork granule size and in the surface treatment used.


Normally they are manufactured in the following sizes:


44x23,5 mm

38x23,5 mm

33x23,5 mm

Bordeaux, Burgundy or Rhône
type bottle (75 cl) with a CETIE* or Italian specification neck finish


Half bottles with 37,5 cl with the same neck finish



Period of maturation

= Suitable for use / recommended
= Not suitable for use / not recommended.
*CETIE – International Technical Centre fot Bottling and related Packaging

Regarding quality, all the variables referred to in the previous paragraph Determining Cork Quality, in the Natural Cork Stoppers section, must be observed. Concerning its classification, these cork stoppers present themselves in categories that vary according to specific weight and granule size of the raw materials used.