Cork Stoppers


Champagne and Sparkling Wine Cork Closures

Champanhe Cork
Stopper © by APCOR

As the name suggests, these corks were specially conceived to seal champagne, sparkling and gasified wines. Sparkling wine cork closures are considered to be in the technical cork category, as they are produced from an agglomerate cork granule body to which, on one of the ends, two or three selected natural cork disks are glued. Sparkling wine cork closures have a larger diameter than average corks.

Their larger diameter is essential in retaining the high internal pressures in gasified wine bottles. To get the best physical, chemical and microbiological performances, sparkling wine corks are subject to meticulous and rigorous quality controls. They are basically available in the following grades: “Extra”, “Superior”, 1st and 2nd. This may, however, vary according to the manufacturer.