Cork Stoppers

Capsulated Cork Closures (Bar Top Cork Stoppers)

Capsulated Cork
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Capsulated corks are natural (or colmated) cork stoppers with a wooden, PVC, porcelain, metal, glass or other material bonded onto the top of the cork. This stopper is generally used in the bottling of spirits, liquors and fortified wines which are ready for immediate consumption. The main examples are, Port Wines, Sherry, Madeira Wines, Calvados, Moscatel from Setúbal and also Whisky, Vodka, Cognac, Armagnac, Brandy and Liquors. Capsulated cork closures are very practical for barmen and consumers, allowing easy reuse - an important factor for bottles whose contents are not consumed at one time.

In the market, the most common sizes are those suitable for bottles with the most common neck specification. Note that, in this type of cork, it is not necessary for the stopper to have a diameter 6 mm larger than the internal diameter of the bottleneck. Indeed, a 2 mm interference fit is sufficient to allow easy reuse, without compromising the correct bottle sealage.

The most common measures are:

27x20 mm

27x19,5 mm

27x18,5 mm

24x17 mm
(20cl bottles)

18x13,5 mm (miniature bottles)