Italians prefer wine closed with cork

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Italians prefer wine closed with cork

According to a study conducted by AstraRicerche (a market research company), 85% of Italians consider cork stoppers to be the best closure to ensure the quality of the wine. This percentage increases to 91% when only respondents aged between 45 and 54 years are considered. Consumers also state that cork gives more value to the wine than the other closures, with 80% responding in this manner (and the figure rises to 91% when only respondents aged between 45 and 54 years are considered). In relation to the opening ritual, 88% consider that it is possible to increase the pleasure of wine consumption when doing so with a cork stopper. The cork stopper transmits values associated with tradition (75%); a quality image (68%); elegance (59%); and an excellent ability to protect the content and its properties (58%). A smaller percentage, only 33%, associate cork with the protection of the environment and 24% say it is the most expensive closure.

A study by Demoskopea, in 2011, shows that more than half of those surveyed, i.e. 57%, are willing to pay more for a bottle of wine closed with a cork stopper. When asked what the best stopper would be for wine, 85% indicated the cork stopper. In this research, 97% agree that cork means ‘tradition’, 83% that it protects the environment and 77% that it provides an image of quality to the wine. Around 90% of Italians state that the ritual of opening the bottle and smelling the cork stopper is ‘very important’ and ‘quite important’ when consuming wine. The Italians associate the gesture of opening a bottle of wine to a ritual full of charm and elegance.


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