We exist to promote and value cork as a raw material of excellence, and its products. We work to represent and promote the Portuguese cork industry worldwide. We are the driving force of an industry of the future that is based on tradition, innovation and sustainability, and we will continue to stimulate the search for new applications, new processes and new products in a sector that is proud to be a world leader, and that brings new surprises every day

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of APCOR member companies are responsible for 85% of exports in the sector
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workers employed in nearly 600 companies of the sector in Portugal

Who are we

APCOR is the employers’ association of the cork sector that represents, promotes, divulges and carries out research in the Portuguese cork industry. It was created in 1956 and is based in Santa Maria de Lamas, in the council of Santa Maria da Feira, at the heart of the cork industry, around 30 kilometres from Porto, Portugal’s second largest city. Membership of the association is open to all companies operating in the fields of production, marketing or export of cork products.


APCOR has approximately 250 members who represent about 80 percent of national production and more than 85 percent of cork exports, and cover all the sectors of the cork industry: preparation, processing and marketing.


APCOR has promoted, supported and implemented various programmes to enhance the development of Portuguese cork industry in various areas of expertise. APCOR invests heavily in communication and information campaigns to promote cork on the foreign markets, in Europe, Asia, North America, and Oceania.

Membership Networks

To meet the increasing demand of the global market, in terms of quality, competitiveness, R&D, technology and environmental sustainability, APCOR works closely with various national and international entities.


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