Contact Info

Website: http://www.ecec-cork.com
Email: ecec@ecec-cork.com
Dwelling: Rua da Igreja, 225
Postal Code: 4535-446 S. Paio de Oleiros
Telf: +351227453838
Fax: +351227453559


  • Natural cork stoppers
  • Multipiece cork stoppers
  • Colmated cork stoppers
  • Capsulated cork stoppers
  • Technical cork stoppers(ex:agglomerated, 1+1 and others)
  • Cork stoppers for other uses rather than wine
  • Cork discs
  • Cork Blocks
  • Insulation
  • Decor items (House and Office)
  • Fishing and other sports
  • Transport Industry (railway, car, airplane etc.)
  • Cork with other materials (ex: corkrubber, corkwood, etc)
  • Finishing, commercialazation and distribution

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