Its main activity is the manufacture of Cork Specialties being this Natural or Agglomerated type. We aim to maintain and expand our target markets by choosing the most advanced technologies, thus achieving high levels of efficiency and accuracy.


Contact Info

Website: https://www.ferreicork.com/
Email: ferreicork@gmail.com
Dwelling: Rua do Brasil, 517
Postal Code: 4535-060 LOUROSA
Telf: +351227648754
Fax: +351227649976


  • Natural cork stoppers
  • Multipiece cork stoppers
  • Colmated cork stoppers
  • Capsulated cork stoppers
  • Technical cork stoppers(ex:agglomerated, 1+1 and others)
  • Cork stoppers for other uses rather than wine
  • Cork discs
  • Fishing and other sports
  • Finishing, commercialazation and distribution

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