Cork is the preferred closure of the Chinese

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Cork is the preferred closure of the Chinese

Chinese wine consumers stated that the cork stopper is their preferred closure and that it is associated with quality wine. In a study in which those surveyed were asked to give their opinion on three types of closure: cork stoppers, aluminium caps and plastic seals, the cork stopper emerged as the winner. Conclusions: 85% of those surveyed consider the cork stopper associated with quality wine; 84% prefer wines closed with cork at the time of purchase, while only 36% opt for the aluminium cap, and 11% choose the plastic seal; 89% of Chinese state that the cork stopper is the most recognised closure, while 61% indicate the aluminium cap and 34% plastic.

The study was conducted online with 2001 people surveyed, aged between 18 and 64 years, residents in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu. The study was performed by CTR Market Research.

Su Ben-Cai, Director of the Market Research Department of CTR Market Research, says that “the results show that the cork stopper is the closure most recognised and appreciated by Chinese wine consumers. It can also be deduced that this recognition and positive perception leads to a strong trend of clear support for this closure.”


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