The cork stopper is a product that has elevated Portugal to the rank of world leader and, therefore, should be promoted by all the Portuguese
— José Mourinho, Football coach

0 M
euros in exports of cork in 2014. 2% of the exports of national goods
0 M
cells in each cubic centimetre of cork
destination countries of Portuguese exports of cork

What is cork?

Cork is the bark of the cork oak. It is a 100% natural plant tissue consisting of a hive of microscopic cells containing a gas identical to air and coated primarily with suberin and lignin. It has a range of applications associated with its attributes that no technology has yet managed to emulate, match or exceed.

Transformation process

The life cycle of cork as a raw material begins with extraction of the cork oak bark, which is called harvesting. Cork enters the manufacturing process after it is extracted, to produce the myriad of products that we can find: stoppers, construction and design materials, among many others.

Facts and curiosities

Cork has stories to tell. In the world of 100% natural material there is trivia to unveil. Check it out here.


The Portuguese cork industry has inaugurated a new paradigm of industrial management, becoming vertically integrated to guarantee control of the whole chain of value and, at the same time, coming closer to forestry production and end users. The cork industry is now totally committed to quality and to the satisfaction of its clients.


Cork stoppers are a natural, recyclable and reusable product. To take advantage of and preserve this valuable resource, a growing number of countries have taken measures to implement recycling initiatives, in order to raise awareness of the importance of this material among local populations. Although recycled cork is never reused to manufacture cork stoppers for wine, there are many other possible alternative applications. For example, corkboards, place mats, coasters, flooring, coverings, components for the motor vehicle industry, and insulation material, among others.


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