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From the Cork Oak Forest to the Final Product

The life cycle of cork as a raw material begins with extraction of the cork oak bark, which is called harvesting. Cork enters the manufacturing process after it is extracted, to produce the myriad of products that we can find: stoppers, construction and design materials, among many others.

Cork Harvesting

Removal of the cork oak bark. It is an ancient process that can only be done by experts, the descortiçadores, in order not to damage the tree. The process consists of six steps and two men are needed for each tree. Read more

Industrial Path

Cork passes through various stages of the production process, depending on the intended product. The production process for cork stoppers is very different from the method used to manufacture a pavement or covering. The cork used also varies depending on the intended use. But the most important factor is that nothing is lost, everything is transformed. Read more


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