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How to store bottled wine

The expression “the cellar makes the wine” is as old as it is true. The temperature, humidity and hygiene of a cellar contribute to the final quality of the wine. The cellar should have the following characteristics:

  • Room temperature between 15º C (59F) and 20º C (68F), without great thermal amplitude, during the day and throughout the year:
  • Humidity between 50% and 70%;
  • The cellar must be free of insects and rodents. This does not include spiders as they are excellent insect predators;
  • The cellars must not have chemically treated wood;
  • The cellars must be odour free;
  • Chemical products, such as paints or cleaning products, must not be stored in the cellar;
  • The bottles must be kept in a horizontal position so that the wine is in contact with the stopper and it keeps its excellent elastic properties.

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