“Cork is an extraordinary product, a true gift of nature, which we Portuguese had the vision to take advantage of like nobody else. We had the ability to promote and raise its image to the level of excellence that it deserves.” – Frederico Martins, fashion photographer


Cork and its performance in various areas, new applications, the environmental, economic and social importance of the cork oak forest, its performance among national exports and its ability to surprise, have been in the news in several national and international media outlets. This noble product hasn’t gone unnoticed in the world media and several journalists from various parts of the world have visited Portugal to get a closer look at an ecosystem, an industry, a sector, that gains ground every day.

Press Kit

Welcom to the press area. Devoted to journalists and news professionals in particular. Here we provide the Press Kit (from the Cork Information Bureau) – a set of documents in PDF format on several topics related to cork – and also Press Releases – information published by APCOR with the latest news and activities of the sector.


The numbers show the vitality and importance of the cork industry. Browse the Annual Reports and Industry Study for more statistical data.


Pictures that are worth words. In this section you can find photos and videos showing the admirable world of cork. A set of information, property of APCOR, tough it can be used for educational purposes and non-commercial diffusion of cork. Enjoy.


Cork companies, individually or in partnership with other entities, and other institutions have carried out a series of research projects to increase the quality of products, as well as allow innovation in different areas.


Brochures, leaflets, yearbooks, bulletins.  These are some of the examples of the means of divulgation of cork that are produced and disseminated in this section. This space is a repository of the information produced by APCOR in several languages and available in PDF format for download.

Support cork

Various personalities and opinion leaders all over the world and from different areas of knowledge have given their voice and face for cork. It is recognition of the product and passion for an unrivalled raw material.

Digital documentation

Associação Interprofissional da Fileira da Cortiça (Filcork) set up a digital platform called Digital Documentation Centre of the Cork Sector, headquartered at the Cork Oak and Cork Observatory. It is an archive with all the research available on the sector.


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