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May 2006

London. APCOR’s (Portuguese Cork Association) ‘Real Cork, Real Wine’ campaign has joined the organisers of the LIWSF (London International Wine and Spirits Fair) for the fourth natural cork recycling drive. 

The recycling initiative aims to raise awareness of natural cork’s environmental importance. “I am pleased the London International Wine and Spirit Fair will once again support the cork recycling activity. We hope even more exhibitors and visitors will be aware of the scheme and contribute where possible to this important environmental initiative,” said James Murray, Exhibition Director.
APCOR and LIWSF will make participating as easy as possible for all attendees throughout the three days by providing each exhibition stand with convenient receptacles to collect their used real corks. Official ‘Real Cork’ collecting staff will gather thousands of real corks daily. For every box collected from the stand, exhibitors can fill out an entry form to be entered into a draw to win a trip to the Montado, home of the beautiful cork forests. The more boxes they fill, the more chances they have to win. 
Elisa Pedro, the director of APCOR’s International Campaign for Cork said, “We are delighted to run the fourth natural cork recycling activity with the organisers of LIWSF. Cork is wine’s natural stopper and unlike artificial materials, it’s long-lasting, resilient and contributes to environmental sustainability.” 
Through various activities utilising consumer and trade press as well as outdoor and online promotions, the International Campaign for Cork kicked off in March to promote positive aspects of real cork and reinforce the association between real cork and the best quality wines. 
Founded in 1956, APCOR promotes the development of the Portuguese cork industry. APCOR is also commited to the environmental issues and works tirelessly through research and development to ensure future generations can enjoy the benefits of natural cork. 
For further information, please contact:
Hugh Taylor
Tel. + 020 7349 3030
E. hugh@grasshopper.uk.com
Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR)
Tel. + 351 227474 046
E. realcork@apcor.pt

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