APCOR Launches New Integrated Communications Campaign to Promote and Advocate for Natural Cork

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The Portuguese Cork Association https://www.apcor.pt/en/ (APCOR) has announced the start of a new educational communications program to reach the wine industry, wine drinkers and the American public. Portugal-based APCOR has named wine industry specialists Colangelo & Partners http://www.colangelopr.com as its agency of record in the United States.

“We are excited to promote the use of natural cork in the United States as the most sustainable and technologically advanced wine closure,” says João Rui Ferreira, President of APCOR. “The campaign components include a strong educational component supported by public relations, creative development, advertising, social media, events, digital marketing and relationship marketing.”

In the last 15 years, APCOR has been at the forefront of promotional efforts behind natural cork closures and cork usage overall. APCOR also provides expertise to members on subjects such as quality, industrial licensing, occupational health and safety, innovation, standardization and more.

Cork closures has seen significant growth in terms of overall sales and of market share overall. Natural cork has continued to be the most popular and highest quality wine closure, now with almost seven in every ten bottles worldwide being finished with cork.

Natural cork wine closures both preserve the quality and character of the wine while saving old-growth cork oak forests and a centuries-old way of life. By means of sustainable harvesting, the cork industry has directly helped climate change initiatives by saving Europe’s largest oak forests from deforestation, which naturally absorb greenhouse gases.

The cork oak is the only tree whose bark grows back with a smoother texture, and each oak can live 200 years or longer. The initial harvest takes place when the cork oaks are about 25 years old and are harvested roughly every decade thereafter. The cork oaks are never cut down in the process.

Cork harvesting also provides economic benefits. Cork extractors are among the highest-paid agricultural workers in the world and more than 100,000 people in the Mediterranean Basin directly or indirectly rely on cork forests for their livelihoods.

Founded in 2006, Colangelo & Partners is the nation’s leading wine and spirits communications agency offering a variety of services including strategic communications, public relations, social media, creative services, media planning, events, digital marketing and more. The year-long campaign will include public relations, direct marketing, advertising, trade relations, digital and event marketing.

“As a fine wine agency, we at Colangelo & Partners are thrilled to promote the usage of natural cork,” says Gino Colangelo President of Colangelo & Partners. “Cork is better for the environment and more versatile, unique and 100 percent recyclable. On top of that, what wine lover doesn’t get excited by the sound of a cork popping?”

For more information about APCOR, visit https://www.apcor.pt/en/. You can follow the campaign on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/apcortica/?ref=br_rs, Twitter https://twitter.com/apcortica or YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/Apcortica. For questions about APCOR, please contact Stephen Schmitz or Zach Groth of Colangelo & Partners.

Associação Portuguesa da Cortiça (APCOR) exist to promote natural cork and its products. APCOR is the employers’ association of the cork sector that represents, promotes and carries out research in the Portuguese cork industry. It was created in 1956 and is based in Santa Maria de Lamas, in the council of Santa Maria da Feira, at the heart of the cork industry around 30 kilometers from Porto, Portugal’s second largest city. Membership of the association is open to all companies operating in the fields of production, marketing or export of cork products. The organization advocates on behalf of the Portuguese cork industry worldwide and is the driving force of an industry based on tradition, innovation and sustainability.

About Colangelo & Partners
Founded in 2006, Colangelo & Partners specializes in premium food, wine, spirits and lifestyle brands, and has long established relationships with key press and trade that drive these business categories and help determine the industry leaders. Agency principals have years of experience in retail and distribution as well as communications, a rare combination that gives Colangelo & Partners invaluable insights into consumer purchasing behavior. The agency focuses on ‘closing the loop’ between creative communications programs, distribution, promotion, publicity and the consumer in order to maximize the efficiency of its communications programs and deliver measurable results. For more information about Colangelo & Partners, please visit http://www.colangelopr.com.


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