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External commerce data from the Portuguese National Institute of Statistics (INE) indicates an 853.8 million euros (159.4 thousand tonnes) figure for Portuguese cork exports in 2007, thus registering an increase of 0.6 percent, in export value, compared to 2006. This increase denotes a recovery of Portuguese cork exports which had been affected, in 2005, by the depreciation of the dollar in relation to the euro (Chart 1). 

Source: INE * Provisional Data
The value generated by Portuguese cork exports is considerable, standing at approximately 0.7% of the GDP (market prices), 2.3% of the Portuguese exports’ total value and about 30% of the Portuguese forestry product exports.
Concerning the representability per country of the combined cork exports, it is noteworthy that cork represents more than 50% of the value exported to Chile. For both Australia and Argentina this value surpasses 30 percent (Chart 2). 

Source: INE
The main destinations are France (20.6%), the USA (15.7%), Spain (13%), Germany (8%) and Italy (7.6%) – percentages in value (Chart 3).

Source: INE * Provisional Data
Cork stoppers continue to lead Portuguese cork exports, reaching a value of 590 millions euros, followed by cork building materials at 176 millions euros (Chart 4). The 1.7 percent increase in cork stopper exports, from 2006 to 2007, is also notable, reversing the scenario verified in the previous year.

Source: INE * Provisional Data
Within the cork stopper segment, natural cork stoppers hold first place with 70 percent of the total (415 million euros), followed by champagne stoppers, with 15 percent (88 million euros), and agglomerated stoppers with 14.9 percent (86 million euros) (Chart 5).

Source: INE * Provisional Data
Portugal is still the world’s greatest importer of cork, which is processed and subsequently exported as final consumer products.
In 2007, imports reached 131 million euros and 63 thousand tonnes (Chart 6).

Source: INE * Provisional Data
The imports for the cork industry in 2007 originated essentially from Spain (77 per cent – value in euros) (Chart 7).

Source: INE * Provisional Data
In the same year, natural cork imports reached approximately 59.8 million euros, representing about 45.8% of the total Portuguese cork imports (Chart 8).

Source: INE * Provisional Data
APCOR – Portuguese Cork Association
APCOR’s mission is to represent and promote the Portuguese Cork Industry, with approximately 250 members, representing around 80 percent of the total national cork production and 85 percent of all cork exports. APCOR is also responsible for promotional activities, with added value to cork, on both a national and international scale, providing, in addition, an extensive Information Resource Centre on cork.
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