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“Only drink wines with natural cork stoppers” – This is one of the 10 recommendations of the “Countdown 2010” initiative (you can have a look at http://www.countdown2010.net/?id=38) working to reduce the current rate of loss of biological diversity by the year 2010. According to its declaration of purpose, this network’s goal is that “all governments and members of civil society, at every level, take the necessary acts to halt the loss of biodiversity by 2010”.

This initiative proposes to pass from words to acting by introducing the challenge: “Ten Things That We Can All Do That Make A Difference”. And drinking wine sealed with cork is one of them. The oak cork, as the main product of a sustainable industry, allows the conservation of the “montado” (cork oak forest) and the survival of animal and vegetable species living in this habitat. Note that the “montado” is, for example, home to species in danger of extinction, as is the case of the Iberian Lince.

Countdown 2010 is a powerful network of active partners working together to achieve the 2010 biodiversity target. Each partner commits to additional efforts in tackling the loss of biodiversity. The secretariat of this organization is hosted by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), facilitating, encouraging and promoting action towards the 2010 target. An Assembly of all members meets annually to review the overall direction of Countdown 2010.

In order to consult the partners of this network and to contribute to the cause, you can check online at: www.countdown2010.net/

For more information, please contact:
Joaquim Lima
Tel. 227 474 040
E-mail: realcork@apcor.pt

Notes to the editor:

APCOR – Portuguese Cork Association
APCOR’s mission is to represent and promote the Portuguese Cork Industry, with more than 250 members, representing around 80 percent of the total national cork production and 85 percent of all cork exports. APCOR is also responsible for promotional activities, with added value to cork, on both a national and international scale, providing, in addition, an extensive Information Resource Centre on cork.


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