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The TV presenter Eva Brenner is the face of the new cork campaign and will support cork in Germany.

With a Degree in Engineering, she is the moderator of “Zuhause im Glück” on RTL 2 and also an experienced interior designer. Eva Brenner gives hints and tips to the millions of followers. What is considered the ideal floor for children rooms? What is the most suitable product for the living and dining areas? What furniture should be used in interaction with the cork?

Eva Brenner will be the face of all materials produced, also social media and website of the campaign www.schoener-leben-mit-kork.de.

Under the slogan “Live better. With Cork.” (Schöner leben. Mit Kork), the campaign will promote the cork construction and decorate materials and will educate consumers and retailers about the benefits of using cork as an floor and wall covering ans also insulation.

The president  of the German Cork Association, Tomas Cordes, wich join APCOR in these campaign, is convinced that: “Eva Brenner is the perfekt ambassador for cork. Eva has high credibility and acceptance, especially by the final consumer, but also by the retailers. Her advice is recognized by all.”

For further information visit www.schoener-leben-mit-kork.de .


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