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InterCork video Campaign was submitted to the prestigious RegioStars Awards 2013, by COMPETE– Operational Competitiveness Factor Programme – as an example of innovative projects supported by EU cohesion policy.

InterCork was a public-private project with public participation by the ERDF via the COMPETE collective action support system of the Operational Competitiveness Factor Programme belonging to the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF), which is providing 80 percent of the funding. The remaining 20 percent have been contributed by the members of APCOR, associations and sector companies operating in different markets. The total investment was 21 million euros.

The InterCork project was of particular importance to the cork sector, not only in the wine cork sub-sector but also in construction and decoration materials. It was aimed at intervention in the international markets most important to the sector, with a view to increasing market shares and restoring the image of cork as a raw material. The campaign was conducted in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany (for wine corks) and in the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia, Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands, China and the United Arab Emirates (for construction and decoration materials).

Cork as a natural, sustainable, modern, elegant product with unique characteristics is one of the key messages aimed at highlighting that, although it is a traditional industry, the Portuguese cork sector is also and above all an industry of the future.

The selected finalists of RegioStars Awards 2013 will have the opportunity to showcase their projects before an independent jury during the tenth annual European Week of Regions and Cities – OPEN DAYS 2012. The Award ceremony itself will take place in Brussels in early 2013.


Share the video and let’s hope to pop the cork with the award in 2013!


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