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Press Pack

Welcome to the press area. Devoted to journalists and news professionals in particular. Here we provide the Press Kit (from the Cork Information Bureau) –  a set of documents in PDF format on several topics related to cork – and also Press Releases – information published by APCOR with the latest news and activities of the sector.

We also recommend a visit to the Photo library, where you can view and download photos for use in articles and reports being produced, and the Video Library section – where you can view a set of videos of personalities who support cork, reports, and industry films.

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APCOR – Portuguese Cork Association
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Press Releases

“Only drink wines with natural cork stoppers” – This is one of the 10 recommendations of the “Countdown 2010” initiative (you can have a look at working to [...]

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The Portuguese Cork Association (Apcor) and the Santa Maria da Feira City Council present the Industrial Cork Complex Project (Projecto Parque Empresarial da Cortiça (PEC)). At the moment, the basic [...]

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May 2006 London. The Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR) is advocating to revise the definition of ‘corked’ in the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary so that cork can no longer be cited as the only cause [...]

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