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Press Pack

Welcome to the press area. Devoted to journalists and news professionals in particular. Here we provide the Press Kit (from the Cork Information Bureau) –  a set of documents in PDF format on several topics related to cork – and also Press Releases – information published by APCOR with the latest news and activities of the sector.

We also recommend a visit to the Photo library, where you can view and download photos for use in articles and reports being produced, and the Video Library section – where you can view a set of videos of personalities who support cork, reports, and industry films.

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APCOR – Portuguese Cork Association
Tel.: +351 227 474 040
Fax: +351 227 474 049

Press Releases

March 22, 2006                                                             “PUT A CORK IN IT” SAYS NEW SPANISH WINEMAKING LAW Spain’s winemaking regulators outlaw alternative closures in top Spanish wines NAPA, [...]

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