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Under the microscope

Cork has been meticulously analysed in various areas and in several countries. The characteristics of this 100% natural material surprise researchers interested in analysing the properties and potential of this raw material. The world wants to know more details of the behaviour of the bark of the cork oak, its performance, flexibility in new applications, the development of the industry. A world to study, a world to discover.

Performance of Different Closures

Preference studies

Cork The preferred

The consumer prefers, the producer acknowledges. Cork comes out ahead in all studies. On average, 86% of consumers around the world prefer cork and associate it with wines of quality and elegance [...]

Evolution of the Industry Studies of the sector

Women and cork

The goal of the "Women and Cork" project is to recognise the work of women in the sector. This initiative is intended to recognise the identity of women, aiming to relate the experience of women [...]

Cork Oak and Cork Oak Forest Studies

Cork market trends

UNAC – Mediterranean Forest Union ( has one of the results of the "Corknow-how: Networked Cork Knowledge", project available. This is a European Commission initiative promoted by the [...]



An APCOR project to identify a process to eliminate the contamination of cork by haloanisols (which cause cork taint) and their chemical precursors (halophenols) in cork.


The INNOCORK process is a new technology developed to reduce volatile matter in natural cork stoppers. Cork Supply Group is responsible for this process.


This system is the new weapon used by the Amorim Group in the fight to eradicate TCA (2,4,6-trichloroanisol), the aforementioned chemical compound that sometimes affects cork stoppers and causes [...]


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