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  • “For me, cork is the best stopper that exists in wine. There’s a very strong link between precisely the grapes, the oak, that we use to age wines in barrels and then the goal with the cork, which, ultimately, is simple continuity …”

    Thibault Liger-Belair
    Thibault Liger-Belair Winemaker and owner
  • "First of all, for me, the cork stopper is inseparable from Champagne. I can't imagine sealing a bottle of Champagne with a material other than cork. When you open a bottle of Champagne, I believe that removing the muselet plus the cork, is part of the ceremony and part of the myth of Champagne."

    Michel Davesne
    Michel Davesne Chef de Cave, Champagne Deutz
  • "The cork history is much, much older than Niepoort’s history. The first bottles were produced in the 17th century. This is one of those examples, and the cork was the perfect choice for stopping the wine from getting out of the bottle. It's impressive that you can open up wine from 1863 and the cork is still working."  

    Dirk van der Niepoort
    Dirk van der NiepoortWinemaker and owner
  • "Cork is synonymous with longevity and quality."

    Bernard Noblet
    Bernard NobletWinemaker, Domaine de la Romanée Conti
  • “As closure we use exclusively cork stoppers, we still prefer this very proven method. Wine professionals often ask me why we don’t use for rapid consumption wines, such as Côtes-du-Rhone whites and rosés, alternative closures and, in particular, screw-caps. My answer is that wine isn´t just a technique, is also emotion, and behind this emotion there are people.”

    Philipe Guigal
    Philipe GuigalDomaine E. Guigal President
  • “(…) a seemingly simple decision taken by several wine producers to use synthetic closures instead of natural cork stoppers has a long-term impact. Understanding the reason why someone wants to find a synthetic and ugly cap in the neck of a bottle is something that is beyond me. However, this practice is causing serious changes in the cork oak forests in Portugal and Spain."

    Charles Philip Arthur George
    Charles Philip Arthur GeorgePrince of Wales
  • "The cork stopper is a product that has elevated Portugal to the rank of world leader and, therefore, should be promoted by all the Portuguese".

    José Mourinho
    José MourinhoFootball coach
  • "It is a natural material of unique qualities. The application and research on its possibilities now generate very favorable expectations, recovering and expanding on the drive of decades ago."

    Siza Vieira
    Siza Vieira Architect
  • "The cork oak forest is the 'rainforest' of Portugal and one of the most important habitats in Europe. It preserves an ancient rural culture that perfectly coexists with nature, but that will only survive if cork retains its value as an international product. (…) each time you take a cork from a bottle, you will hear in your mind the rhythmic sound of harvesting the bark or the melody of a bird reverberating around. A unique taste for a glass of wine."

    Paul Morrison
    Paul MorrisonProducer of the BBC documentary “Cork – Forest in a Bottle”
  • “Cork is produced for and by the well-being of a significant community in Europe. As human beings, we have an obligation to ensure the subsistence and continuity of life of these communities whenever and wherever possible, especially when it comes to a self-sustainable product. Cork is human. It is part of us and we are part of it.”

    Lord David Puttnam of Queensgate
    Lord David Puttnam of Queensgate Produtor de cinema e político
  • "Deforestation causes more global warming than all the cars, trucks, buses, planes and boats that exist on Earth. The cork oak forest of the Mediterranean region is one of the richest in the world in biological terms and no trees are felled to produce the cork . (…) Sustainably removing the cork from cork oaks preserves jobs and deters the use of fossil fuel-based alternatives."

    Allen Hershkowitz
    Allen HershkowitzScientist
  • "I started using cork in 2003 and found that this fantastic material had great potential. It's easy to clean, healthy, natural, welcoming and beautiful. In addition, people are starting to become more aware of natural materials and they are tired of shiny plastic. Cork is ideal !!! It is totally non-toxic, mould resistant and waterproof ."

    Daniel Michalik
    Daniel Michalik Furniture designer
  • "Cork flooring is ideal for those looking for beauty, comfort, durability and sustainability. It is one of the few that is 100% sustainable. I love its versatility. It is soft, comfortable, warm, it has insulating properties, particularly noise, it is hypoallergenic, resistant to mould and waterproof. It can therefore be lain in any room of the house."

    Candice Olson
    Candice OlsonInterior designer
  • "We have used some synthetic seals and even aluminium, but by evolving to a more sustainable business we decided to go back to the 100% natural cork stopper. It's a great closure and the fact that it is a natural product was one of the main reasons for our choice."

    Steve Rued
    Steve Rued Rutherford Wine Co.
  • "Cork turned out to be a material with many strengths, including being sustainable, lightweight and resistant."

    Alexandre Farto (Vhils)
    Alexandre Farto (Vhils) Artist
  • "The cork oak is a powerful image of resistance and strength. These are essential characteristics of the country that I believe in."

    José Luís Peixoto
    José Luís Peixoto Novelist
  • "It doesn't make sense today to opt for synthetic bottle stoppers or caps when there is a natural, biodegradable, environmentally friendly stopper, as is the case with cork."

    Frederico Martins
    Frederico Martins Fashion photographer
  • "The cork industry has contributed to supporting the good overall result of Portuguese exports."

    Pires de Lima
    Pires de Lima Minister of Economy
  • "Cork is, without doubt, one of the most extraordinary products of nature."

    Assunção Cristas
    Assunção Cristas Minister of Agriculture and Sea
  • "We make cava that is aged over 150 years and it is closed with a cork stopper, of course. Its use is indisputable. The behavior of cork is much better, its slow permeability promotes 'crianza' and the evolution of the cava. "

    Josep Buján
    Josep Buján Technical Director of Freixenet
  • "Cork is the only closure that ensures the future of my wines." "When we talk about cavas where the historical weight is important, where ageing is fundamental, where the wine will be drunk in 100 years time, the only reference with such historical weight is cork. Cork is tradition, air-tightness and perfection."

    Javier Ausás
    Javier Ausás Technical Director and Oenologist of Bodegas Veja Sicilia
  • "Cork is the perfect companion for cava and wine"

    Ton Mata
    Ton Mata Director of Cavas Recaredo
  • "Cork is, firstly, the pride of the winery. When we open the bottle it is an image we transmit to the consumer. Cork is a natural and sustainable product. I currently don't see an alternative to natural cork."

    Peter Sissek
    Peter Sissek Owner and Oenologist of Dominio de Pingus
  • "Cork and the cork oak are a precious cultural, economic and environmental heritage, and synonymous with excellence. I always look for the highest quality in my profession, and that's why I support cork and have the role of its Ambassador in Italy."

    Carlo Cracco
    Carlo Cracco Chef
  • "The world of cork is just amazing! This material, from total respect for nature to the table of the end consumer, has an active force and strongly cooperates in the preservation of the qualities of a wine. Cork is processed in an environmentally correct manner from the cork oak forest to the table, a journey where total care is pursued and practiced. All this, besides being 100% harnessed."

    Carlos Cabral
    Carlos Cabral Oenophile and wine consultant of the Pão de Açúcar Group
  • "Cork is an excellent material to work with because it is flexible, light and soft, essential qualities for a textile designer."

    Yemi Awosile
    Yemi AwosileTextile designer
  • “It is absolutely unthinkable to use a closure that is not natural cork, especially for the red wines of excellence, to be placed in storage.”

    David Baverstock
    David Baverstock Oenologist and Technical Director of Herdade do Esporão
  • "Cork already forms part of the values underlying any great wine: tradition, longevity, the refined aesthetics of the label and the packaging, and the opening ritual."

    Susana Esteban
    Susana Esteban Oenologist
  • "The Cork stopper is the best closure that exists and, besides, it is a natural product that meets our concerns for the environment."

    Francisco Ferreira
    Francisco Ferreira Quinta do Vallado
  • "The role of the cork comes to the fore during the long period of maturation in the bottle, while it was hoped that the wine evolves and gains exceptionally complexity. That is when the cork proves to be extremely important."

    José Maria Soares Franco
    José Maria Soares FrancoGestvinus
  • "Cork has always been used for Port. Even today no other closure is used, as far as I know. When the consumer discovers that a wine doesn’t have a cork stopper, he thinks it's strange and is suspicious of the quality."

    Peter Symington Grupo Symington
  • "The Cork is obviously important because it preserves the wine inside the bottle. More specifically, in classic wines classified for ageing, such as vintage port, the cork is essential because it lets the wine evolve and breathe in the best conditions."

    George Sandeman
    George Sandeman Board of Sogrape Vinhos
  • "The cork is part of the ageing of the wine and the vintage has to age."

    David Bruce Guimaraens
    David Bruce Guimaraens Technical Director and Oenologist of Taylor's
  • "At a dinner party in the beginning of the 1990s, I served a new Swiss wine that intended to be 'serious' and good. However, it was not very serious and it had a strange smell. Several people insisted the wine would have a cork.... I showed them the reality after I had let the discussion reach its conclusion: the wine had a screwcap."

    Dirk van der Niepoort
    Dirk van der Niepoort Producer
  • "I only use natural cork stoppers in my top of the range red or white wines."

    José Neiva Correia
    José Neiva Correia Oenologist of DFJ Vinhos
  • "There's no product that has the elasticity, elastic memory and unique attributes that cork has. On the other hand, there's an entire ritual around the opening of a quality wine, and it is unthinkable that it can be reproduced with an aluminium screw cap or with a synthetic closure."

    Anselmo Mendes
    Anselmo Mendes Oenologist

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