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Aqua for tap water

Aqua, designed by Minerva Loos, is a cork container for tap water and it won the “drink tap water with confidence” competition, run by the water and wastewater regulatory authority (ERSAR), APCOR and the National Association of Designers (AND), with the collaboration of the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon University (FAUL). The ReGATo project by Liliana Pereira and TÉPA project of Bruno Miguel dos Reis gained honourable mentions. The competition aimed to reinforce the quality message of water and environmental benefits of tap water among consumers. Cork had to be the key material of the container which also had to comply with functionality criteria with special emphasis on the ergonomics, hygiene and eco-efficiency, and have a storage capacity of 400 ml and 1.5 litres. The competition was open to the student population of the Design area.

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