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Cork also rolls on football pitches

The Sedacor company (JPS Cork Group) of Rio Meão, Santa Maria da Feira, presented in 2015, in Brazil – the country that hosted the last World Cup, the first football made of natural cork.  The cork football was exhibited at the Tecnotêxtil Fair in Sao Paulo. In 2010, the first football made of agglomerated cork saw the light of day and showed that it had the strength to roll on the grass of football stadiums.

Sedacor stated on its site — thanks to its unmatched technical capability in this area, the company has successfully developed a new aggregation technology of layers of natural cork, with its unique and smooth touch, as well as strength and flexibility, which can be applied to materials and products that have very high physical requirements, like a football, subject to stresses such as abrasion, flexibility and adverse weather conditions.

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