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Cork board by Celsus

The designer Celsus, artistic name of Celso Assunção, has covered a surf board with cork. The idea was to create a typically national board and promote Portuguese products. Cork gives a new look to the board, as well as greater resistance and contributes to the absorption of the vibration caused by waves when surfing.

We are witnessing rapid growth at all levels regarding the use of cork in design and technology. In the shipbuilding industry, in science, in sport, in lifestyle, fashion, we find news on the use of cork almost on a daily basis. It’s very good that we are able to take advantage of its aesthetics by use, but enjoy above all the benefits of its technical characteristics such as its elastic memory, thermal, acoustic and anti-vibration insulation, unlimited durability without loss of its features and the fact that it is fully recyclable — states Celsus.

See the interview with the Deginer.

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