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Corksorb products are able to absorb oils and organic solvents without absorbing water. They float even when saturated, and can be used to deal with all kinds of spills and leaks, and are suited to the absorption of flammable products. They are sleeves of various sizes with a high degree of porosity, with cork granules that separate the water from the flammable or toxic products. They can be used in the aquatic environment as well as in smaller spaces, such as vehicle workshops, restaurants or kitchens. The available products are cork granules, tube-shaped barriers, cushions and cleaning buoys.

The range of CorkSorb absorbers was awarded the national prize for environmental innovation in 2010. It won a Green Project Award in the category of Product Design and was awarded the Innovation for Sustainability award, winning two of four prizes awarded by the European Business Awards for the Environment in the categories of Product and Biodiversity in 2011. It was awarded the Cotec-Unicer Innovation Product prize in 2012. CorkSorb is currently being marketed in 18 countries, notably in Portugal, Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom and Germany.

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