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Cortilejo: when two Portuguese products embrace

It is called Cortilejo and is the marriage of two Portuguese products: cork and tiles. The idea by the Rui Matias furniture and decoration company, Sever do Vouga, was presented at the May Design Series London 2014, one of the largest international design events, and it went directly onto the shortlist of the prestigious Design Excellence Awards. The merger of cork with traditional Portuguese tiles gave rise to a cult object. Innovative and easily recognisable.

Cortilejo is for the adornment of indoor walls. Each cortilejos mural with a specific theme has a limited edition of 100 units and is acompanied by a historical description and the coordinates of the original mural. This is not the first time that the Rui Matias company works with cork. It has two cork chairs on its portfolio that were in exhibition at New York’s MoMA.

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