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Matéria: Objects with strong personality

Materia – Cork By Amorim joined 10 renowned national and international designers and studios to create 12 exclusive objects in cork. The artists took advantage of the unique properties of the 100% ecological material, using the most advanced production technologies, and they conquered new territories. The Portuguese Daniel Caramelo, Fernando Brízido, Marco Sousa Santos, Miguel Vieira Baptista and Pedrita together with Filipe Alarcão and the foreign Big-Game, Inga Sempé, Nendo, Raw Edges and James Irvine all took part in the challenge in March 2010. Filipe Alarcão created a cork ice bucket. Daniel Caramelo created Pino, a cork memory aid with a dual function, i.e. an object to post all things, good or bad – urgent tasks, important dates, or small personal or professional discussions. Big-Game presented Bote, a floating object to increase the fun at bath time. Bote has a cork hull and an additional part that can be a sail, a row of smoke stacks or a cabin.

The Materia collection was launched by Corticeira Amorim and curated by ExperimentaDesign.    

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