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Cork it all

The sculptor, designer and architect Miguel Arruda designed a line of cork furniture for the street furniture company Larus, of Albergaria-a-Velha.


PLY&co is a line of furniture by the Porto design and architecture studio Peel Living Projects, which has 100% ecological stools and armchairs, that can be disassembled and are educational.


Fenabel, manufacturer of chairs for hotels and restaurants, presented 10 models covered with cork at the HD Expo in Las Vegas, USA.


BlackCork is a Portuguese brand of contemporary design furniture with many pieces made of cork.

Portuguese Roots Chair

Chair wins international award. Portuguese Roots Chair by the designer Alexandre Caldas won the Silver Award of A Design Awards. The designer who created the AROUNDtheTREE project reinterpreted the iconic Portuguese chair in wood, iron and cork.

Mattress with cork sheet

LusoColchão , a Portuguese brand, has developed a line of mattresses with cork. It is a worldwide innovation that demonstrates environmental concern.

Chaise Longue

The designer Daniel Michalik, based in Brooklyn, is accustomed to using cork in his furniture and design pieces. He designed a chaise longue in 100% recyclable cork demonstrating its ability to simultaneously bend in two directions. The malleability of the material gives the feeling of floating effortlessly due to the delicate and gentle rocking of both sides and from front to back.

Ayers Cork

The Ayres Cork project, a furniture set made of cork, won a bronze medal in the international 2014/2015 ‘A’ Design Award & Competition, in the “Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design” category.


“Metamorphosis” opened horizons, stimulated and inspired the creative community to explore a centuries-old material that is environmentally friendly and totally sustainable. The "Metamorphosis" exhibition was organised by ExperimentaDesign, in partnership with Corticeira Amorim, and was on display at the Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon.


Materia – Cork By Amorim joined 10 renowned national and international designers and studios to create 12 exclusive objects in cork. The artists took advantage of the unique properties of the 100% ecological material, using the most advanced production technologies, and they conquered new territories.

Alma Gémea

Alma Gémea is a collection that harmoniously combines cork and stoneware, two important materials of the national tradition.

Cork salt cellar

It is handcrafted salt packaging made of cork which keeps fleur de sel and ensures it does not gain moisture over time.


It is called Cortilejo and is the marriage of two Portuguese products: cork and tiles.


Aqua, designed by Minerva Loos, is a cork container for tap water and it won the "drink tap water with confidence" competition, run by the water and wastewater regulatory authority (ERSAR), APCOR and the National Association of Designers (AND), with the collaboration of the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon University (FAUL).

Algodão Doce is a sustainable sofa

Botaca, a Portuguese designer furniture company with factory in Coimbra, invests in the production of sustainable products from recycled materials. Algodão Doce was born in 2013 and it is a sofa made from cork agglomerate.

Caterpillar by Ana Mestre

The designer Ana Mestre studied cork in her PhD and this material is the base of Corque Design, a cork furniture and accessories brand that was set up in 2009.

Cork hand basin

Hand basins, soap dishes, cups and carpets. Everything in cork. Alzira Peixoto and Carlos Mendonça created the Cork colection in 2004, with two types of cork: pure cork agglomerate and a mixture of cork and rubber with a finish that gives the necessary protection and resistance for such a specific use.


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