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Vegan Products

Marita Moreno is a vegan brand of fashion accessories that uses cork as a material.

Cork Collection

The designer Klára Plásková, of the Czech Republic, uses cork in her collections. A skirt, a jacket and a bracelet made of cork form part of the portfolio of this designer who has won several international awards.

Never get out of cork Collection

Lena Hasibether, German award-wining designer discovered the potential of cork and told the world that she would use this materials in clothing and accessories. That's what she did and fashion won another heavyweight ally.

Elisabeth Collection Cuff

The Canadian Michelle Lowe Holder created her own brand in 2001 and her collections are inspired on sustainable concepts. There are items of the Elisabeth Collection Cuff that use cork as the raw material, especially necklaces. Once again, this 100% natural material is part of a luxury fashion production.

Students design cork jewellery

The students of Escola Superior de Artes e Design in Matosinhos were challenged to create cork jewellery The results were shown in the exhibition "2nd Skin – Cork Jewellery” which was displayed at various locations, including the municipal library of Santa Maria da Feira. Several jewels were incorporated in a flexible material open to any aesthetic trend.

Rutz Shoes

The Portuguese brand Rutz has footwear and cork, and its shoes are in fashion. Footwear and cork, the strong symbols of the national economy, are together and generating success in foreign markets. The brand reinvents cork in urban footwear collections that are sexy, young and sophisticated. A raw material that symbolises comfort and brings together tradition and modernity.

Birkenstock Sandals

The German Birkenstock Sandals stand out in the market due to the cork soles created by the shoemaker Konrad Birkenstock at the end of the 19th century.

Cork bracelet

The bracelet providing entry to the 18th Edition of the Medieval Journey in the land of Santa Maria, Santa Maria da Feira, in 2014, was made of cork. Cork from industry of the Santa Maria da Feira municipality. The bracelet made with the noble material of this region had a custom security clasp with the cross of the Pereira engraved on both sides.

Cork jacket

American designer Todd Bracher quickly realized that cork had a lot to give. He confessed that it was a different material from everything he had known before and he made a jacket out of the bark of the cork oak.

Doors of Perception

The renowned South African designer Suzaan Heyns presented a complete collection of clothing, accessories and footwear in March 2013, made from cork. “Doors of Perception" was the name of the show by the designer to show that cork is not a rigid material.

The Hunger Games II dressed in cork

The actress Jena Malone, who was Johanna Mason in the Hunger Games II film appeared in an outfit with cork applications. The designer Alexander McQueen was one of those responsible for the film's wardrobe which was exhibited in Portugal.

Lady Gaga wears cork

The singer Lady Gaga also wears cork. In Spain, she appeared in a suit, dress and cape made from Portuguese cork leather plated with gold and silver, hand embroidered with beads and metallic threads.

Eco-friendly Collections

Najha is a brand of cork products from Santa Maria da Feira. It sells a wide range of exclusive and high quality articles based on creativity and design. The articles are made from cork and 100% organic cotton.

Insole for heavy people

3DCork, a company of Paços de Brandão, knows how to exploit new market niches. Cork is a good imagination conductor and innovations have emerged. This is the case of a special insole made of cork with obese people and those who walk long distances, such as postmen or climbers, in mind.

Cork clothing

The fashion designer Cláudia Sousa, of Santa Maria da Feira, entered a fashion competition in 2000 and won. The collection of cork clothing astounded the jury and left the country flabbergasted. The innovation was major news and they called Cláudia Sousa the Cork Girl.

Cork Fabric

The cork fabric changed into a cork umbrella and Pelcor ( was born in São Brás de Alportel, Algarve. The Portuguese brand showed the world what could be done with the bark of the cork oak.

Cork knit

The Portuguesa fashion designer Mónica Gonçalves fell in love with cork and that's where the story begins. She took its measurements, realized its potential, explored its characteristics, and discovers that this 100% natural material could be transformed into yarn. She then created the cork knit she uses to make dresses, coats, blouses, vests, scarves, and berets.


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