Insulation of sloping roofs

Use of pure expanded agglomerate for sloping roof insulation

In the building area, expanded cork agglomerate, also known as Insulation Cork Board (ICB), finds its most “sophisticated” use in thermal insulation for terrace coverings, playing the role of a thermal insulant and supporting the waterproofing system. Dimensional stability, resistance to high temperatures (needed for the sheets either to adhere to the support base or for the waterproof membranes to adhere to the sheets) and mechanical characteristics (compression and cohesion) which characterize the pure expanded agglomerate represent undeniable advantages.

For more information and product datasheets, download the Construction and decoration materials manual.

Insulation of flat and metallic roofs

The isolation of flat and metal roofs is a procedure which requires several factors to be taken into consideration: thermal insulation, reducing heat passage and protection against infiltration of water and damp.

In the case of metallic roofs, pure expanded agglomerate proves to be an excellent product because it is resistant, allowing for secure installation methods to be used that are resistant to wind as well as traffic loads, especially during the construction phase.

Not only can it bear permanent pressure without the risk of damages, pure expanded agglomerate represents an excellent thermal insulant, thus preventing the sudden variations in temperature to which this system is subject, while providing stability for water-proofing since its lack of capillarity means it does not absorb water.

It is used for roofs where reduced weight is a necessity (roofs with resistant metallic structures), requiring the use of self-protected waterproofing membranes, and moreover if they show signs of the aforementioned advantages in comparison with other thermal insulators.

On accessible terraces, the favourable features of acoustic insulation and insulation from percussive noises (people circulating, objects falling) that pure expanded agglomerate presents can also be used to great advantage.

For more information and product datasheets, download the Construction and decoration materials manual.


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