For insulation of walls (air cavities)

The application of pure expanded agglomerate in double wall insulation (air cavity) offers excellent thermal insulation over a long period of time as well as appropriate acoustic comfort. Double walls with air cavities are susceptible to humidity problems, which is why it is vital to create a trough at the bottom of the air cavity, over the slab, exiting to the outside, thus creating ventilation in the air cavity which, along with the barrier made by the pure expanded agglomerate, eliminates humidity problems.

In thermal insulation for double walls, sheets of pure expanded agglomerate are placed inside the intermediate wall space, totally or partially filling it. Total filling, which is easier to perform at the construction site, presents the inconvenience of putting the agglomerate at risk of coming into contact with water which may accidently enter it through the outside surface of the wall (or that condenses on it).

Yet, the best solution from a technical and economic point of view is to install the insulant on the outside of the inside wall, between the sheets of ICB and the outside surface, thus maintaining an air space that drains and is ventilated to the outside. One of the ways that thermal insulation can be done from the inside consists of combining sheets of ICB with sheets of gypsum board by using glue (with the help of cement glue, liquid nails, or special mortars by Mapei, Fassa Bartolo, KaraKol, etc.) or by using mechanical installation (using so-called thermal bushings), giving it mechanical protection and making it resistant to fire.

For more information and product datasheets, download the Construction and decoration materials manual.

Covering for Indoor walls

Using sheets of cork agglomerate as an indoor covering is a current option in decoration which also allows for improved conditions of thermal and acoustic comfort in any space.

The material can be supplied in sheets 3 mm thick, and with surface finishes of oil, wax or varnish. The constant focus in terms of design of this type of solution allows the selection of the coating based on a wide and appropriate range of looks, all with a cork base.

For more information and product datasheets, download the Construction and decoration materials manual.


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