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Technical stoppers were designed for bottling of wines to be consumed, in general, within two or three years. These consist of a very dense agglomerated cork body with discs of natural cork glued to its top or both ends. Technical stoppers with a disc at each end are called 1+1 technical stoppers and those with two discs at just one end are called 2+0 technical stoppers.

Agglutinins approved for use in products that will come into contact with foods are used to glue the discs of cork to the ends of the cylinder of agglomerated cork.

This type of closure is chemically very stable and mechanically very resistant. They behave very well under the torsion to which they are submitted when bottling and uncorking. They have proven to be excellent stoppers over time (Australian Wine Research Institute, Wine Bottle Closure Trial), managing to maintain the necessary concentration of free SO2 in the bottle, preventing premature oxidation of the wine while not developing unpleasant reduction aromas.

The most common formats in the market are:

44×23,5 mm 40 por 39×23,5 mm
Bordeaux, Bourgogne or Rhine type bottle (75 cl)
Half bottle (37.5 cl)
Short period of maturation

As the body of these stoppers is agglomerated, the quality of the technical stopper is quite homogenous. However, the visual standard of the natural cork discs used at their ends varies. This standard is generally classified in 3 classes. This standard presumes an agreement is made by the producer and the user on the basis of a sample to be used as a benchmark.


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