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Comfortable from head to toes

Cork isn’t just cork stoppers. It’s much more than that. If it is used to dress the trunk of a cork oak, why can’t it be used to dress men and women? It came into fashion and has never gone out of fashion. The characteristics of this 100% natural and environmentally friendly product did not go unnoticed among renowned national and international designers who shape this material to the whim of their imagination. The fashion world has become accustomed to seeing cork on the catwalks. And it is here to stay.

The Hunger Games II dressed in cork

The actress Jena Malone, who was Johanna Mason in the Hunger Games II film appeared in an outfit with cork applications. The designer Alexander McQueen was one of those responsible for the film's wardrobe which was exhibited in Portugal.

Lady Gaga wears cork

The singer Lady Gaga also wears cork. In Spain, she appeared in a suit, dress and cape made from Portuguese cork leather plated with gold and silver, hand embroidered with beads and metallic threads.

Eco-friendly Collections

Najha is a brand of cork products from Santa Maria da Feira. It sells a wide range of exclusive and high quality articles based on creativity and design. The articles are made from cork and 100% organic cotton.

Insole for heavy people

3DCork, a company of Paços de Brandão, knows how to exploit new market niches. Cork is a good imagination conductor and innovations have emerged. This is the case of a special insole made of cork with obese people and those who walk long distances, such as postmen or climbers, in mind.

Cork clothing

The fashion designer Cláudia Sousa, of Santa Maria da Feira, entered a fashion competition in 2000 and won. The collection of cork clothing astounded the jury and left the country flabbergasted. The innovation was major news and they called Cláudia Sousa the Cork Girl.

Cork Fabric

The cork fabric changed into a cork umbrella and Pelcor ( was born in São Brás de Alportel, Algarve. The Portuguese brand showed the world what could be done with the bark of the cork oak.

Cork knit

The Portuguesa fashion designer Mónica Gonçalves fell in love with cork and that's where the story begins. She took its measurements, realized its potential, explored its characteristics, and discovers that this 100% natural material could be transformed into yarn. She then created the cork knit she uses to make dresses, coats, blouses, vests, scarves, and berets.

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Designers also use cork

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  • Stella McCartney | Catenina Sandals
  • Christian Louboutin | Sandals
  • Dolce & Gabbana | Shoes
  • Luís Buchinho | Butterfly Bag
  • Ruthie Davis | footwear
  • Yves Saint Laurent | footwear
  • Rupert Sanderson | footwear
  • Jimmy Choo | footwear
  • Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci | footwear
  • Fendi | footwear
  • Prada | footwear
  • Miu Miu | footwear
  • Donna Karan | footwear
  • Giuseppe Zanotti | footwear
  • Chloé | footwear
  • Jasper Morrison | footwear As Portuguesas | flip flops

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