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On feet, on the field, inside balls

Cork is not just used in wine closures, construction, decoration and fashion. Sport is also an area where the 100% natural material moves at will. Cork maximizes the performance of hockey, golf, cricket and baseball balls and also footballs. It is in table tennis rackets, golf clubs, targets for arrows, referee whistles, surf, windsurf, and bodyboard boards, as well as the boats of the world’s best canoeists.

Grass with cork certified by FIFA

It is 100% Portuguese, it is a pioneer in the area of sport, it is certified by FIFA and has already been in football stadiums in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Canada.

Puma also has cork shoes

Cork has won over several international footwear brands. Puma has also used the noble Portuguese material in a model of sports shoe.

Vans covers Authentic with cork

Vans has cork shoes. The American brand has released a new version of its Authentic model and chose cork to cover all or part of the sports shoe. The sole remains white.

Nike has cork shoes

Nike charmed by cork. The well-known American sports brand has a line of shoes in cork that can be customised.

Hand boards in cork

AHUA is a Portuguese brand that always has cork at hand. It creates, produces and markets thin surf boards and hand boards for bodyboarding. Cork is the raw material used for these items.

Yoga items in cork

Corticeira Viking recognises the importance of the cork oak forest and values the properties of the bark of the cork oak. So much so that it developed a line of products for Yoga.

98% cork skateboards

Bio Boards is a board that uses cork for its structure and not just as a coating. These skateboards for "surfing the asphalt" are 98% cork, on average.

Golf accessories in cork skin

The Cork Tree is the only brand in the world to manufacture accessories for golf in cork. Golf bags, headwear, travel bags, sports bags, are some of their products born from the combination of synergies between technical knowledge of the raw material and the sport.

Cork board by Celsus

The designer Celsus (Linkar com entrevista), artistic name of Celso Assunção, has covered a surf board with cork. The idea was to create a typically national board and promote Portuguese products.

McNamara with cork surf board

The Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara has a cork surf board to tackle the giant waves of Nazaré. The choice of material was not by chance. The cork is Portuguese with proven effectiveness, strength and durability.

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